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  • Rip City Riff Revival | Roseland Theater - Sept. 28, 2018

    Rip City Riff Revival | Roseland Theater - Sept. 28, 2018
    A rad night full of heavy riffage and melting faces off with New World Aviation Committee, Witch Ripper, LaGoon, us [Ethereal Sea] and Year of the Cobra….

    Load in was fast — the dock was packed so we had to be in and out pretty quick. After we parked the cars and got our personal shit to the green room we went to grab some grub and pre-show brews.

    The show was lit — strong, good energies radiated from the room affecting anyone within earshot. A mosh pit formed and things got crazy… so dope.
    When we were done playing they screamed for an encore. We happily obliged and played one of our fave jams “Floppy Dog Ears.” They begged for even more, but the guys in charge were trying to stick to the schedule as much as possible and we had to end our set; relinquishing the stage to our buds from Year of the Cobra.

    We ended the night with some good friends and a few cold ones; feeling super jazzed that we were given the opportunity to play that stage and knowing we would be back one day for more.
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