December 30, 2020

The Whisky A Go Go - May 19, 2018

The Whisky A Go Go - May 19, 2018
The end of the Ethereal Sea | West Coast Tour.

We loaded our gear in earlier that day. Once done, we went out to eat and enjoy Sunset strip a bit before we had to back for sound check and setup.
Then the lights went low. It was go-time.
We were told that you could feel their energy come off the stage when we started playing- like a wave crashing onto the crowd. These people ROSE UP for us.
One guy toward stage left especially stuck out to me. He wore a yellow jacket or sweater and had some awesome curly hair… he jumped up and down the entire show totally immersed in the music. 
The set ended and everyone was buzzing with excitement. We grabbed some beers to celebrate a tour well done, opened up the merch stand, and enjoyed the atmosphere there for a while.
Front man, Dustin Bartee, did stay and hang out all night, and even ended up partying a bit with Steven after his set was over.
Turned out to be a pretty badass gig and a damn good way to end the tour.

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