December 30, 2020

Winter's Tavern - August 18, 2018

Winter's Tavern - August 18, 2018
Night five on the road — fourth show of tour.
Pacifica is the best. No, really – it is.
I always dig the coastal, small town vibe especially when said town has a huge love for music. Plus side, our venue was just down the road from some gigantic waves and a pretty sweet pier. Before load in, we chilled out down there, enjoyed the sounds and views, and grilled up some hot dogs. People looked at us like we were nuts, but that’s part of road life.
Tonight’s show was so dope. Every set played was killer and the crowd couldn’t get enough — not one person could stay sitting. We even had a wedding party show up after they heard the music and decided that they wanted to have their after-party here. Now, THAT was entertaining…

The night went pretty late… We ended up crashing in the studio above the tavern that they have for traveling bands.
Pretty sweet setup.

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