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  • Cooper's Tavern - August 19, 2018

    Cooper's Tavern - August 19, 2018
    Night 6 on the road — show number 5.
    Nevada City is a cool little town full of funky little tea shops and craft breweries.
    We showed up in town pretty early so we posted up on the side of the road, grilled up some steaks, grabbed a few teas recommended by the locals, and eventually started our gear load-in.
    Simply put – it was a damn good show. Besides the obvious high of playing our music on stage, our favorite part of this set had to be the locals and the way they got into the music. It was such a groovy night.

    Being our last show of tour, we hit the road not long after break down; headed to a good stopping point for the night and crashed out. Next day was a straight hustle to drive all the way back to Washington, but we were all in good spirits after a tour well done.
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