A Universe Far From Ours : Digital Album

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Grab your digital copy of our first LP, 'A Universe Far From Ours.'

We ranked #11 in the May 2020 Doom Charts. 
Below are some album reviews. Enjoy!

Missed this one on its release but in the bag now. A superb blend of classic rock and stoner metal with little proggish and grunge elements scattered here and there for added interest.
Favorite track: Witches Brew.”

 Dopeness from the land of Port. Favorite track: Trigger Happy Earthman.”
-Gabriel Moreira

"The rad dude on the album cover looks like a cowabunga nazgûl. He was too chill for the other ring wraiths and couldn't be bothered to chase hobbits all day long. So he chucked his career and started a new (un)life as Middle-Earth's first undead surfer, pioneering the way for other unliving entities that have had enough of serving darkness and annihilating the forces of light. The kind of undead who just want to bum around and smoke deadly bong concoctions till the end times. Favorite track: Downer Mountain." 
- Ben Harris